The Positive and Negative Sides of Black Friday Shopping in a Nutshell

Sides of Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is one of the most popular days of the year and that is because there is no other day when you can get as many amazing deals when shopping as on that day. When asked why they like shopping on black Friday most people said that they do it because it is the perfect time to start their Christmas shopping, while other actually said that it’s because the day has turned into a family tradition, which only attests even more to how big the day has gotten. However, everything has pros and cons and so does black Friday, and in this article we will discuss a few of those with you.

Pro: Discounts on electronics

If you are interested in buying electronic devices such as TV’s, phones or laptops, then black Friday is the perfect day for you to do your shopping. Previous years have shown that up to 48 percent of the deals offered on black Friday are ones on headphones, 47 percent are different kinds of deals for lap tops and a whopping 83 percent are deals that are specifically offered for iPhones. So if you were planning on surprising a family member or friend with a new iPhone, then black Friday will definitely be the perfect day for you to shop on.

Con: Crowds

It is no secret that black Friday can be a very intense and hectic day, and that is also a reason why most people choose to simply skip the day altogether. The crowds on this day are huge, and when we say huge we really mean it. for example, in 2014 68 million people went out and shopped in person on black Friday, and with Walmart being the big name that it is, it is no surprise that there were over 22 million shoppers in their stores alone. So, if you are not someone that is into going through large crowds, you should probably consider skipping black Friday.

Pro: Exclusive, in-store only deals

Probably the only big pro about dealing with those large crowds and the stress of the whole day, is that when you shop in-store on black Friday, you get the perk of getting deals that are exclusive to the in-store shoppers. This means that if you go and shop in-store you will have access to deals that people shopping online won’t even know about. This alone, may be a perk that will make the whole day worth it.

As we said, there are pros and cons to everything, and it is up to you to decide if the pros outweigh the cons and see if it’s worth it for you. Hopefully, this article has given you a little bit of insight of how black Friday works and will help you decide if this is the day on which to do your shopping or not.

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